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Speed Training
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Agility and Quickness
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The greatest concern among today's athletes, regardless of the sport, is how to improve playing speed. Flight101 is a complete approach to improving athletic playing speed, reaction, agility and quickness. No matter what the sport, improved playing speed is often what separates good athletes from great athletes and can make the difference between a "winning season" and a "championship season."


Flight101 provides the area’s best available sport-specific high performance athletic training.  Flight101 is continually developing and designing the most current and up to date training programs for athletes of all ages and fitness levels.  No fad or flavor of the month training here – our training is based on an objective assessment of each athlete and is designed to focus on flexibility, movement, speed, strength, power and overall athletic development.




Private and Partner Training – Our most extensive and in-depth type of training designed for up to 2 athletes and is ideal for the athlete who wants to train for 1-3 days a week to improve their overall athletic performance.


  • Personal Training (1 on 1) $40.00 per session

  • Partner Training (1 on 2) $35.00 per athlete/per session

            GROUP TRAINING


Designed for small or large groups of 3 or more athletes or for teams of less than 15.  These sessions are generally geared for groups of individuals or teams that want to train together and are usually in the same sport or play similar positions.  We invite all athletes ages 8 and up.  Team training pricing will depend on how many athletes are in each group and where the training will be held.


  • Small Group (3-5 Athletes) $25.00 per athlete

  • Large Group (6 - 15 athletes)  $20.00 per athlete

            COMBINE PREP


Be it professional or prep you often have but one shot to impress that NFL, MBL or NCAA scout.  Flight101’s combine training is for athletes who need specific training for local or national professional and/or high school combines. 


Our combine prep program focuses on improving your performance of specific combine drills by improving technique, speed, flexibility, strength and off-field testing.  Workouts are customized to address individual strengths and weaknesses.  You will leave Flight101 with the confidence that you are fully prepared to display your talents and take your skills to the next level.


Contact for prices.

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