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Indoors or outdoors, nothing beats Power Systems brand step hurdles as one of the most effective types of speed training equipment you can offer your clientele. Agility hurdles are a fundamental component of the exercise equipment offerings at any reputable fitness facility or sports training center. Athletes typically use hurdles to enhance their speed, agility and conditioning, but can also be used for plyometrics training, SAQ training and simply as a change-of-pace workout when their regular track and field routine seems to plateau.

Benefits of Fitness Hurdles:
 *Improve agility skills
* Enhance overall conditioning
* Increase speed

Step Hurdle

$9.95 Regular Price
$9.35Sale Price
  • A Power Systems Brand! Lightweight and portable, our Step Hurdles can be used for SAQ while training indoors or outdoors. Anyone can enhance their present agility skills and conditioning with Step Hurdles. The hurdles provide an excellent tool for increasing foot speed and knee lift for raising intensity level of any agility drill. With the height options and portability of these hurdles, you can develop multiple configurations that will product top training results. Use these hurdles for agility drills or plyometric jumps. They can be incorporated into any sports performance or rehabilitation exercise for maximum benefit.


    • Made from high-impact PVC tubing
    • Color: Orange
    • Weight: 1 lb
    • 18" W
    • Available in 6 various heights: 6", 12", 18" 24"
    • Sold individually or in sets of 12

    Additional Information

    The exercises performed on hurdles typically focus on patterns of movements, which can be useful to any kind of athlete pursuing any type of physical activity. In particular, hurdles can enhance a player’s foot speed, knee lifts, and stride frequency. By lowering the height of the hurdles, they can become useful for plyometric jumping exercises, which build power and speed. Any field sport athlete can benefit from the use of smaller hurdles, for example set 2 feet apart from each other, for practice bounding on one or both feet. 

    Our hurdles are designed to hold up to the toughest athletes’ workouts, indoors or outdoors, so offer a set of step hurdles to your clientele and let them reap the benefits (and the fun!) of hurdle workouts for speed and agility training.

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