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For any coach or individual who wants to know how to increase vertical jump, the Pro Power Jumper is a versatile solution. The Power Jumper comes with either a waist or shoulder harness and the platform can be counterweighted with additional weight plates on each side. Choose from a variety of tubing options to accommodate jumpers of different heights.

Using a power jumper: Increases jump height and reaction time, Improves jumping power for better performance in any sport Shortens reaction time and extends endurance

Pro Power Jumper by Power Systems

$411.95 Regular Price
$384.14Sale Price
  • Step up your game with vertical jump training that is customized to your height and capabilities on every level. The resistance provided by the resistance tubing helps you build strength in your legs needed to improve vertical jump and make you a more powerful performer in your sport.


    • Options are waist or shoulder harness
    • Options for tubing lengths for various heights
    • Large 30” x 50” non-slip jumping platform
    • Platform 45-lb counterweight plates and long tubing sold separately

    Additional Information

    Need 45-lb counterweight plates? Get them from Flight101!

    The Power systems Pro Power Jumper can be used to improve fitness in a number of ways. Use “maximal” jumps to increase power, repeated jumps to improve reaction and endurance, and perform lateral jumps for better agility.

    Basketball players are not the only athletes who benefit when they improve vertical jump. Vertical jump training with the Pro Power Jumper makes athletes more explosive, faster, and more agile on the court, down the track, or in the field.

    Power jumpers offer a great deal of versatility to customize their use for optimal results in building power, endurance and agility. In many professional sports, the measure of vertical jump is considered the measurement of athleticism by which an athlete’s potential for success is judged. The areas of improvement that you will accomplish with your vertical jump training will make you a better athlete regardless of the type or level of sport you play. 

    Regardless of whether you shoot hoops in your backyard or play pro football, the Pro Power Jumper can help you improve vertical jump and achieve your best game. No other type of jump training equipment offers the versatility and comprehensive results that you will get from training with power jumpers.

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