When it comes to strength training, arguably the most central and crucial pieces of equipment in any gym or training facility are its free weights (also called "plates") and the weight bars they are placed upon to create barbells. These Elite Urethane plates are the choice of trainers, competitive lifters, and club owners. This barbell weight is a step above your average plate, offering a durability that most plates do not have. They are great for executing any technical lifts-snatch, clean and jerk, deadlifts, and you can bail away if you get unstable. These plates can be used in any garage gym, health club, or competitions.

Elite Plates:
 * Resist wear and tear better than rubber plates
 * Offer 3 grip areas for easy loading and unloading
 * Are available in 6 weight options

Elite Urethane Olympic Grip Plates by Power System

$7.95 Regular Price
$7.41Sale Price
  • Features

    • Urethane-covered
    • Cast iron weights
    • Fit 2" bar sleeves
    • Color: Black
    • Weight printed on plate for easy identification
    • Available in 6 different weight options

    Additional Information

    Using top quality equipment and following the guidelines for techniques in lifting, nutrition, and flexibility will help participants achieve their goals of lifting an increasing amount of weight safely and successfully. When purchasing bars and plates for numerous users with a wide range of capabilities, you will need a larger offering of plates and the barbells that can support them. Fortunately, Power Systems offers a broad range of barbells and plates that will encourage your club members to grow. Depending on the size of your club and the number of members who will be lifting weights at any given time, a variety of standard, deluxe and Olympic plates may be needed to ensure the equipment that is needed is always made available. To keep your club members and trainees interested, you need to provide quality equipment including Elite Urethane Olympic Grip plates that will help them gain strength to meet their elite fitness goals.