Although free weights are not the only equipment you need for a well-rounded strength training routine, they do make an important contribution to the arsenal of tools you need in a commercial setting. Dumbbells add variety to strength workouts and they can be easier on your joints than barbells.
Using compact vinyl weights:
Makes it easy to keep them stacked and out of the way.
Gives you more flexibility to rotate the weight through movements than barbells.
Adds resistance without putting as much strain on your joints.

Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbell by Power Systems

$2.95 Regular Price
$2.75Sale Price
  • The Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells are a Power Systems Brand, made in a small, compact design from cast iron that is encased in thick vinyl. The vinyl coating makes it easy to hold onto and it forms a protective barrier that prevents the dumbbells from chipping while also preventing damage to your floors.


    • Dumbbells for sale in weights of 1-lb to 15-lb
    • Individual weights for sale to purchase in quantities as needed
    • 9" diam
    • Color coded by weight

    Additional Information

    At Power Systems, you have the option to purchase discount dumbbells for the gym without sacrificing quality or durability. These easy-to-store hand weights are the ideal solution for anyone who wants to know where to buy weights without making a significant investment.
    There are a number of benefits to adding strength training to any workout, including improving heart health, strengthening bones, increasing calorie-burning potential for weight loss, and improving balance. Once many people who have never tried strength training realize the scope of the benefits, they are wondering where to buy dumbbells that will help them get started strength training at home.
    Adding a few dumbbell exercises to your regular workouts such as bicep curls and chest flies will help you look and feel better. You may also want to take it to the next level by learning exercises that you can do with exercise weights for every muscle in the body. Purchasing a variety of dumbbells for your gym will provide your clients with the tools they need to increase the impact of their workouts to motivate them in the near and extended future.

    Whether you need a single dumbbell to perform overhead tricep extensions or a variety of free weights to accommodate all of your fitness classes, you will find an affordable solution in the Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells for sale at Power Systems.