The Pro Power Bar – 700 lb. capacity is an Olympic quality weight bar that is designed for squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. The 700 lb weight capacity means that it is made to outlast other weight lifting bars. It is made with a heat-treated alloy and top-quality thrust bearings to deliver a smooth spin. The unique nut-and-pin system and uniform knurled grips on our olympic bar add stability to your heaviest lifting.

Using Olympic Quality Weight Bars:
 * Supports heavy lifting
 * Facilitate more effective lifting for squats, presses and deadlifts
 * Optimizes heavy weight training with more secure movements

Pro Power Bar - 700 lb. Capacity by Power Systems

$221.95 Regular Price
$206.97Sale Price
  • Features

    • 15-1/4” Sleeve
    • 700 pound weight capacity
    • Uniformed knurled grips

    Additional Information

    The Pro Power Bar – 700 lb. Capacity is the ideal companion for the Power Systems Olympic grip plates. Unlike the typical curl bar weight which weighs 25 pounds, the Pro Power Bar weighs in at 45 pounds. The added weight is due to the quality materials and craftsmanship used in its design. The weight bar is also 86 inches long to accommodate up to 700 pounds in Olympic Grip plates and is 30mm in diameter.

    The Pro Power Bar is the ideal choice for Olympic lifts. Olympic weightlifting is practiced as a specific discipline or as preparation for heavyweight lifting competitions. The snatch, clean, and jerk are considered by many weightlifters to be the epitome of strength training. Any time you are working with the most extreme weights, safe equipment is an essential element. The Pro Power weight bar is the top quality for Olympic weightlifting.

    Olympic lifting exercises like the snatch, clean, and jerk are not performed for actual bodybuilding but to increase power and athleticism. Regardless of whether you are looking for a quality weighted bar to perform basic lifts with added weight or the perfect lifting equipment to advance to a higher level of competition, quality construction is essential for anyone who is preparing to tackle the next level in weightlifting.
    Olympic barbells like the Pro Power Bar are made to be more durable to endure explosive Olympic lifts. They have greater flexibility than other types of weight lifting bars with a unique knurl. They also store more whip (elastic energy) that helps the lifter during heavy lifts.

    The Pro Power Bar – 700 lb. Capacity from Power Systems has all the features required for Olympic lifting and for the durability that this area of weightlifting demands.