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Agility refers to the ability of an athlete to change direction or movement quickly and accurately. SAQ agility training involves balance, coordination, hip mobility and reactive strength. Agility ladder drills are an excellent way to develop these fitness aspects, and the Power Systems agility ladder is one of the best agility ladders on the market to help your clients achieve their SAQ training goals. Agility training is also important for non-athletes, because as we age, agility helps us maintain our ability to perform everyday tasks without pain. Thus a workout ladder such as the Pro Agility Training Ladder should form a fundamental piece of SAQ training equipment as part of any fitness facility and workout regimen.

Agility Ladders:
 * Improve balance, speed, and coordination
 * Enhance core strength and overall performance
 * Train the feet and legs to perform complex movement patterns

Pro Agility Ladder by Power Systems

$56.95 Regular Price
$53.11Sale Price
  • A Power Systems Brand! Our Pro Agility Ladder features a unique quick-change latch that lets you adjust the placement of the slats and lock them into position, a feature that is exclusively ours. Use narrow spacing on this workout ladder for short and quick steps or wider spacing for longer strides. The speed ladder can separate into 2 sections for more training variety. Stakes keep the exercise ladder stable when using it outdoors, and loops let you attach weight plates to hold the exercise ladder in position indoors


    • High-impact PVC slats
    • Includes stakes plus carry bag and handle
    • Color: Red/White
    • Available in two different length options: 30' L x 20" W and 15' L x 20" W
    • 30' L ladder option can separate into 2 sections
    • 15' L ladder option cannot connect to other ladders

    Additional Information

    The Power Systems Pro Agility Ladder for sale features an exclusive unique quick-change latch that lets you adjust the places of slats. It is suitable for use indoors and out, and can be easily compacted to take anywhere or to use while traveling.  We recommend training on both narrow spacing and wide spacing to achieve the peak benefits from agility ladder drills. 

    A speed ladder is also a terrific addition to workouts for children, because they simply love dancing around the ladder. Try it in your youth workout sessions.


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