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The Power Training Rope is a good way to improve conditioning while bringing something new to your workout. Rope training will bring new muscles into your workout to increase strength, power and endurance. You can also use exercise ropes to boost your cardio and build core strength.
Using workout ropes:
 * Helps develop power, grip strength and stamina
 * Provides multiple exercise options to any routine
 * Adds a new and exciting twist to your workout

Power Training Rope 1.5" by Power Systems

$126.95 Regular Price
$118.38Sale Price
  • The Power Training Rope is a Power Systems Brand product! Training ropes work the entire body for overall strength and conditioning that exceeds the results of any other workout. The workout ropes come in two diameters and three lengths to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels. You can also choose from black or white as your color preference.


    • Available in 1.5-inch and 2-inch diameters
    • Choose from 30’, 40’, or 50’ lengths
    • Weight varies according to diameter and length


    Additional Information

    Power Systems exercise ropes are designed for overall conditioning for athletes and non-athletes who want to look better, perform better, and get the advantage over the competition. Originally, battle ropes were used in combat sports like Mixed Martial Arts. Today, it is becoming increasingly common to see battle ropes for sale to benefit any individual who is looking for a highly effective method of conditioning that also relieves the boredom of doing the same old moves.

    To start getting the benefits of exercise ropes, anchor the rope to a study object so that you have two equivalent lengths. Make waves with each rope by swinging arms up and down in 3 30-second sets and rest in-between each for 45 seconds to a minute. As you increase your tolerance for the burn that these exercises will produce, you can advance to slams, whips, spirals and throws to get the greatest impact from your rope training.

    At first appearance, exercising with a Power Training Rope might seem like a way of improving the strength and tone in your arms only. From the time you complete your first workout with the training ropes, you will know that they are ideal for getting a fun and challenging workout that impacts every area of the body.

    A Power Training Rope has become the trendiest and most effective piece of exercise equipment for anyone who wants to improve the conditioning of the entire body. Add rope training to your workout to add excitement, challenge, and a new level of conditioning and strength.


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