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A Power Systems Brand! The Power Chute is a speed chute that provides resistance training and over-speed training all in the same run. The Power Chute is a parachute for running that helps increase speed and acceleration. The training parachute also improves 2 key elements of speed: stride length and frequency. The chute opens when you run for added resistance and the Velcro belt allows for mid-stride release for over-speed training.

Running parachutes:
* Provide resistance training and over-speed training all in the same product.
* Help improve 2 key elements of speed: stride length and frequency.
* Are available in 3 different resistance levels.

Power Chute by Power Systems

SKU: 10000
$47.95 Regular Price
$44.59Sale Price
  • Your athletes and trainees will love the "shot out of the canon" feeling immediately after releasing the Power Chute. The waist belt allows for training in any direction, even on curves! It is an ideal training tool for most sports. With built-in mesh panels, the leads won't get tangled, which helps stabilize the chute during training runs.

    Power Chute Includes: Parachute sprinting adjustable belt with storage pocket (fits 20 to 42 waist) and instructions. Power Chutes for speed training weigh about 1 lb. each.


    • Includes an adjustable belt with storage pockets
    • Fits 20" to 42" waist
    • Weight: 1 lb. each
    • Color: Black/White
    • Available in 3 different resistance options
    • Available in 3 different chute sizes

    Additional Information

    Our Power Chute provides your clientele with both over speed training and resistance training without the need for a partner. The training parachute improves 2 important speed elements: frequency and stride length. The chute opens to provide resistance and its velcro belt permits a mid-stride release while sprinting, thus providing an over speed effect. Help your clientele develop their speed, acceleration and overall explosiveness with this high quality speed training chute. Your clientele can also add a weight belt for additional resistance.

    Chute Options:

    • Small Chute- 15 lbs. of resistance: 40" x 40"
    • Medium Chute- 20 lbs. of resistance: 48" x 48"
    • Large Chute- 30 lbs. of resistance: 56" x 56"
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