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2018-2019 FlightTeam

In our over 3 decades of working with young men and women a number of our athletes have gone on to compete in State, National and International Championships at the youth, high school, collegiate and professional levels.  In 2011 we celebrated our 25th Anniversary of coaching with 14 Conference, 7 District and 6 Regional Champions in track and baseball with 4 of our football players receiving post season accolades. That same year, Flight101 had 18 athletes competing in either the Ohio High School Athletic Association State Track and Field or Baseball State Championships.  In 2015, we trained 20-30 of the Division III State Football Champion Archbishop Hoban and Division V state runner up Canton Central Catholics football players.

In our continuing effort to be a leader in the health and fitness community, Flight101 is now offering the benefits of physical fitness to non-athletes looking to improve their level of fitness and lead  healthier lifestyles.


Here is the current list of members of the FlightTeam looking to take their athletic performance and fitness goals to the next level in 2018-2019!


Jackson High School Boys and Girls Soccer

Canton McKinley Track and Field

Perry Youth Baseball

Tuslaw High School Football



Conner Newell, Perry Township

Mathew Newell, Perry Township

Josh Romans, Jackson Township


Dillon Byers, Coventry

Jason Davide, Jackson Township

T. G. Dillworth, Canton McKinley

Marchel Hargrove, Louisville Ohio

Quinn Thomas, Walsh University

Clint Walker, North Canton Hoover

Steve Yashnik, CVCA





        Brooke Adams, Louisville

        Sophia Adolph, Jackson Township 

        Destini Adorisio, Louisville, OH

        Allison Bailey, Jackson Township 

        Nick Bly, Jackson Township

        Foster Camp, Jackson Township

        Anthony Contrucci, Plain Township (Conference                    Champion & State Qualifier)      

        Libby Dillon, Jackson Township

        Savannah Dunn, Green High School

        Clayton Elder, Louisville (Conference Champion &                State Qualifier) 

        Frankie Fausnight, Archbishop Hoban High School

Josh Floyd, Jackson Township

Brianna Ford, Massillon Washington

Kamari Foster, Plain Local

Ja' Veon Gamble, Canton McKinley

Maya Hamsher, Orrville Ohio (State Qualifier)

Ma'Ryah Hargrove, Lousiville Ohio

Jaden Heck, Jackson Township, (2019 AAU National Qualifier - Javelin)

Jacob Householder, North Canton Hoover

Sophia Istnick, Jackson Township (Conference/District Champion & State Qualifier)

Ethan Kulick, Jackson Township

Justin Lackey, Jackson Township

Lindsey Lemus, Jackson Township

Paige Lucas, Plain Township

MacKenna Mauser, Jackson Township

Grace Mayle, Perry Township

Brian McAuliffe, Jackson Township

Joe McAuliffe, Jackson Township (State Qualifier)

Kael Mickley, Louisville

Kaitlyn Mueller, Jackson Township

Cole Murray, Plain Township

Rachel Ohman, St. Thomas High School (State Qualifer)

Evan Piscitani, Rootstown

Will Prato, Jackson Township ( Middle School State Qualifier)

Emerson Rainsburg, Dover High School

Tommy Rice, Plain Township (Middle School State Qualifier)

Mathias Ridgill, Massillon High School (Outstanding 1st Year Athlete)

Ali Rodgers, Walsh University

Dean Sarris, Plain Township (State Qualifier)

Ethan Seymour, Jackson Township (State Qualifier)

Katie Seymour, Jackson Township

Foster Shelbert, Jackson Township (Middle School State Qualifier)

Ben Tsai, Jackson Township (State Qualifier)

Reese Welton, Jackson Township

Rocco Yeargin, Akron, OH (Masters  45-50 )


Lindsey Lemus, Jackson Township

Chloe Monello, Jackson Township

Mazzeo Monello, Jackson Township

Kyle Ryter, Plain Township

Peyton Smith, Jackson Township

Maddie Soehnlen, Jackson Township

Alyssa Wong, Jackson Township



        Liz Davide, Butler University

        Mary Davide, Butler University

        Chelsea Debevec, Jackson Township

        Kyle Wong, Jackson Township


Zack Bruni, Jackson Township

2015-2016 FLIGHT TEAM

2016-2017 FLIGHT TEAM

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